Annie Lebel
senior architect, principal
moaq (1996)
leed ecological associate (2013)

Associate architect and co-founder of in situ atelier d’architecture (1995), Annie Lebel acts as senior designer and project manager. She is a recipient of the Prix de Rome in Architecture (Canada Council for the Arts, 2001). As Leed Ecological Associate (2013), she has developed extensive project knowledge at different scales, and excellent expertise in all project phases, from design to construction.
Parallel to her practice, she is guest professor at the School of Architecture, University of Montreal, where she has taught the Master’s Workshop 1 – Comprehensive Project each fall since 2008. She also teaches a Master’s workshop in urban design at the same university.
She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree (University of Montreal, 1987) – for which she was awarded the Virtute and Labore Medal from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada – and a Master’s degree in History and Theory of Architecture (McGill University, 1994).

Stéphane Pratte
senior architect, principal
moaq (1994)
PA LEED (2009)

Stéphane Pratte graduated with distinction from McGill University (1991), where he was awarded the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Medal. He co-founded in situ atelier d’architecture with Annie Lebel in 1995. He is a recipient of the Prix de Rome in Architecture (Canada Council for the Arts, 2001), and holds a PA LEED certification (2009).
In addition to his practice, he holds academic positions in Canada and abroad as a visiting professor, guest critic, lecturer and juror. Since 2007, he is responsible for the development of students’ final year projects in Event Design, in the framework of the multidisciplinary DESS program, UQÀM.

Pierre-Luc Filion
senior architect, principal
moaq (2017)

Following studies in Montreal, Brussels and Paris, Pierre-Luc co-founded Manœuvres (a think tank on public space, Montreal), and ADUQ (Association du Design Urbain du Québec, 2011). Pierre-Luc worked in various architectural firms in Brussels and Montreal, prior to joining in situ atelier d’architecture in 2013. As a senior associate, he is involved in projects of varying scales, from design to site supervision. His international experience, involvement in reflections on public space, and commitment to the studio has forged his conceptual approach to architecture – sensitive to a place’s character: timeless, malleable, and resilient.

Jean-François Allard

Following a Bachelor’s degree obtained through studies between Quebec City and Rio de Janeiro, Jean-François received his Master’s degree from Laval University. Internships in Copenhagen and Paris allowed him to gain experience in large-scale cultural and institutional projects in both Europe and Asia.

An Innovation grant allowed him to study the future of UNESCO city centers, with critical reflections on heritage issues in the era of mass tourism. His approach to architecture is curious, open-minded, and empathic.

Thomas Pouilie

As a HMNOP and OAQ certified architect, Thomas has worked in architectural firms in France, Austria and Germany, before his arrival in Montreal.
He developed his expertise through work on projects of various scales: from urban planning to the realization of residential and multi-residential housing, as well as the elaboration of public and cultural projects.
Through a double curriculum of technical and engineering studies which led him to architecture, he also seeks more freedom within his practice of construction. These experiences led to his conviction that the evolution of his vision and practice of architecture comes through contact and experimentation with others.

Salomé Baczynski
M.Arch. - intern

Salomé obtained her Master’s degree in architecture at the University of Liege (Belgium). During her ensuing practice, she cultivated a deep interest for the rehabilitation and conversion of buildings, as well as for environmental issues in architecture. Experiences she has acquired in these fields have decidedly influenced her architectural practice, and continue to be subjects she actively explores.

Nicolas Mayaux
M.Arch. - Intern

Nicolas is a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture (B.A.) and the University of Toronto (M.A.). He worked for several years between Paris and Toronto, in the fields of architectural design, landscape and scenography, before joining the in situ team. With friends, he participated in the Seoul International Architecture Biennale (2021) to represent the buried rivers of Toronto with the project Beneath The City: Rivers!

Gabriel Trudeau

Gabriel is an architect and member of the OAQ. His years of experience with Quebec architectural firms have enabled him to develop skills in the realization of large-scale cultural, institutional and residential projects. His knowledge and keen interest in constructive systems and design influence his practice and make him an asset at every stage of an architectural project.

Fanny Guigon

As an HMNOP and OAQ certified architect, Fanny developed her architectural practice in Bordeaux, Madrid, and Montreal.
During her Master’s degree, she became interested in scenography, and the integration of contemporary architecture into urban heritage ensembles. Since 2015, and with sensitivity towards a humanized approach, she has been developing an acknowledged and award-winning expertise in the design of residential projects in Quebec. She exercises this particularly through the accompaniment of her clients through the various project stages – from conception to follow-up on the construction site.

Karen Wong

With studies and degrees in visual arts, art history, and urban design, Karen works as administrative assistant for in situ. She is also involved in parallel activities in design research and curatorial practices.

previously at in situ

Joey Doherty, intern

Nicolas Fasciano, intern

Cana Dai, intern

Anissa Djouini, intern

Chloé Lévèsque, intern

Andréa Savard-Beaudouin, intern

Marc-Olivier Champagne-Thomas, intern
2016-2017 / 2018-2020

Marc-André Perreault, intern

Rose-Marie Faille-Faubert, intern

Marie-Christine Dupuis, intern

Pierre-Charles Gauthier, intern
2014 / 2015 -2016

Thomas Naessens, intern
2013 - 2014

Kim Pariseau, architect

Raquel Cervera, intern
2011 - 2012

Myriam Lambert, intern
2011 - 2013

Arthur Boidin, intern
2009 - 2012 / 2013 - 2014

Hugo Tremblay, architect

Anca Matyiku, intern
2008 - 2010 / 2012

Jean-François St-Onge, intern
2008 - 2010

Sarah Laisney, intern

Jeanne Leblanc-Trudeau, intern

Alexis Naylor, intern

Mylène Poirier, intern

Maurice Martel, stagiaire

Claire Starrs, administration

Martine Gravel, intern

Fabrizio Piccolini, intern

Mathias Geoffriau, intern

Kamel Saidani, intern

Maryam Tabatabaei, intern

Ken Borton, intern

Lauren Abraham, intern

René-Luc Desjardins, intern

Sophie Martel, intern

Marc-André Plasse, intern

Arnaud Bailly, intern

Diane Lafontaine, intern

Timothé Giorgis, intern

Roland Ulfig, intern

Guillaume Rodrigue, intern

Naomi Frangos, intern

Vladimir Popovski, technician

Karina Rose, intern

Martin Laneuville, intern

Natalie Dionne, architect

Pawel Karwoski, intern

Katsu Yamazaki, intern

Manon Asselin, intern

Pierre Soucy, intern