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The matrix , finalist proposal for the expansion of the Phi Centre

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Grasping possibles
Phi Center

The Matrix

The contemporary is, by its very essence, elusive. Anchored within the present, already no longer yesterday but not yet tomorrow, it demands perpetual renewal.

This is the challenge for the contemporary PHI. The creation of an ‘evolving matrix’, flexible and contextual, allows for the formulation of a unified architecture, timeless and respectful of its heritage, but versatile enough to evolve over time, through changing programs, days, seasons. As such, an architecture emerges whose uses update themselves through the generation of potentials, journeys, and experiences which allow for living the contemporary condition; an architecture which offers inclusive, evolving, and resilient spaces – spaces of debates and experimentation, to think and question society, and ultimately, to eliminate the frontier between art and the public.

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